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  • Planetside 2 companion app developed by AppBurst

    PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink App

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    LoL Library: League of Legends Mobile App

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  • Modern Warfare companion app developed by AppBurst

    MW3 Vault: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 App

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  • companion game apps developed by AppBurst

    cRPG Community Mobile App

    • Complete Game Guide
    • Weapons, Armors, & Fiefs
    • Videos & Pictures
    • Community News
    • Official cRPG Forums

Native iPhone, iPad, & Android Apps for the Gaming Industry

We build "off-the-shelf" game guides and companion apps for the video game industry. Let us create an engaging iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile application for your next video game. 


Solutions Provider

Strategies & Goals

We work with clients to develop and implement strategies to reach goals and provide mobile applications to gaming enthusiasts.  


Content & Branding

Game Companion

Showcase a variety of gaming content including videos, maps, images, and more in a custom-branded mobile app.


App Creation

"Off-the-Shelf" Solutions

You supply the content and Apps4Games handles the technical aspect, building mobile applications to keep gamers engaged.  


Publish & Marketing

AppStore & Google Play

Apps4Games publishes mobile apps via the world's most popular marketplaces and helps market the app through Facebook and Twitter.

Our Work

Check out our top gaming apps for iPhones & iPads. 

PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink

Mobile Companion to the Sony Online Entertainment PC Game

DC Universe Mobile App

Mobile Companion app for DC Universe Online game

LoL Library Mobile App

League of Legends Guide & Database

AppBurst releases Planetside 2 Mobile App

AppBurst Releases Planetside2 Mobile Uplink App

AppBurst's upcoming PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink App was just featured in IGN's "8 Reasons Gamers Should Own a Tablet".


"This app does a great job at pulling together content for Modern Warfare 3 in one place. It's like having 5 or 6 MW3 apps in one."

iTunes Review for MW3 Vault