PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink App

PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink App


  • Game Guide
  • Player Stats
  • Community Access
  • Wallpapers
  • Interactive Map
  • Voice Chat

The Apps4Games-developed PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink app will serve as both a companion to the Sony Online Entertainment PC game and as a portal to interact with the PlanetSide 2 community on the go. A comprehensive game guide – including details on weapons, factions, infantry classes, vehicles, implants, and achievements – are all easily accessible in the app and showcase technical specifications, high-resolution images, and other pertinent details. Users can save specific items to a “my favorites” section and share pages via email, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Gaming enthusiasts can also access character profiles with battle ranks and certification points. From top weapons and vehicles to overall stats and classes, detailed information is available and can be shared via social media. Users can also access PlanetSide 2 videos, download wallpapers, and connect with the game’s official Twitter and Facebook pages. 

The application’s most impressive features are an interactive map and voice chat. For gamers logged into the server, the interactive in-game map will display territory control, resource, and facilities. The map is updated in near real-time and serves as an excellent supplement to the gameplay experience, as users can view the action on their mobile device while playing PlanetSide 2. In-app voice chat functionality enables gamers to chat with other players and members of their outfit directly from an iPad or iPhone.

With content caching, real-time updates, and a variety of dynamic features, the PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink App will innovate the gaming experience and provide users with tools they need to stay engaged and connected to the PlanetSide 2 community. 

About Daybreak Game Company 

Daybreak Game Company, formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment, is a division of Columbus Nova after being sold by Sony and renamed in 2015. Daybreak Games is based in San Diego, California and best known for various massively multiplayer online games titles such as the Everquest and Planetside series. The company has created nearly 40 titles to date and was founded in 1998. 

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